Room Rental

Spaces are rented to organisations, groups, individuals who have an ethos similar to that of Place4U and who wish to work in the environment that Place4U offers.

For those who wish to have a full-time, long-term rental, a Licence Agreement is signed between Place4U and the organisation involved for a specific period and a particular purpose. Licences are calculated on the square footage of the room/s and include a service fee for services provided within the building. Licences can be renewed if required.

Licences can also be issued where there is a part-time commitment to a shared space. This usually occurs where an individual wishes to have a presence in the building but does not need the space full-time.

Where an individual, group or organisation wish to rent a space for a meeting, workshop, course or gathering, they usually do this by signing a Room Rental Agreement. This is for a specific purpose over a certain number of days, weeks or months. Room Rental is based on an hourly rate.

All users of the building are requested to have relevant and up to date insurance cover for the actual activity they are wishing to conduct within the building.

Room Rental

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