Men’s Programme

The Men’s Health and Wellbeing programme (MHWP) is an ongoing, community-based health promotion programme that currently runs in Place4U, in conjunction with partner organisation ETB.  The programme which is aimed at men over the age of thirty is modelled on a successful programme which began in the Larkin Centre in Ballybough Dublin. The programme provides participants with opportunities to engage with health and wellbeing through social interaction, health screening, health talks, fitness and cookery classes. The aim of the programme is to facilitate a safe, supportive and non-clinical environment for men to engage with their health and wellbeing. Benefits of the programme include:

  • Possibility of small changes in health and fitness measures
  • Changes in overall wellbeing, health attitudes and behaviour
  • Increased health awareness in addressed areas
  • Improved sense of social support among participants

All participants have reported the programme as overwhelmingly positive. It is evident that there is an improvement in the participants’ health and fitness measures. The social support experienced enhances wellbeing. The diversity of backgrounds of the participants enriches the learning experience. A safe and inclusive environment for typically hard to reach men to talk about issues relating to both mental and physical health is provided. Most men enjoy the fact that the programme helps them to develop social connections and make friendships.